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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birdcage Veil and Sashes

Remember the pretty little flower clip I bought yesterday? Here's a reminder if you forgot:

I bought it because I'd like to use it for either a veil or a birdcage style veil. I have found two awesome tutorials for both, and of course, I'm going to share them with you. First up is the birdcage veil. Here's a picture from the tutorial:
Tutorial here.

So pretty; but I don't know how it will look on me. Of course, all of this stuff is so cheap (the materials), that I can easily make one just to find out. Or, cheat and go to a bridal store and try one on (but do not purchase!) I've also been thinking that I might switch it up for the ceremony and the reception. I mean, what the heck will I do if I love both looks? The answer is simple: wear them both! Though, not at the same time! I can wear one for the ceremony (probably the veil), and one for the reception (probably birdcage just because it's short and won't be in the way of dancing, I won't accidentally sit on it, have it pulled out when giving hugs, etc.)

Here's a video tutorial I found on YouTube on how to make your own veil, and it is incredibly easy. I can't wait to make this and save so much money. :-) The other awesome news is that the little flower clip I bought can EASILY be worn as a daily accessory because it's small enough to just be a regular old hair clip. I can be reminded of my wedding day every time I wear it.

Simple, right? I commented and asked what the size of fabric she used was: and it's 45'' X 45'', very simple (and gorgeous).

I don't know if I will need, or want sashes for any of the "big day" dresses, but I found a really simple tutorial for them, if I do need them. You can find it here. There's really no need to post a picture, because we all know what a sash looks like. There also really isn't a need for a sash tutorial, either; just take a length of fabric and hem it however you want to; but I think I'll definitely need this tutorial if I decide to make them, because I won't know what the hell I'm doing. :-)

So, I think that's about all for now, but I do want to leave you with a little advice that Jess gave me last night. If you are thinking of making your own anything and you just need some simple fabric; price the fabric per yard at the fabric store (multiple fabric stores if you're really dedicated), and then price how much it would cost to buy the same color/etc in sheets or curtains. Genius, right? My mom used to make curtains out of sheets, so I get the general concept of using one thing to make something totally different. This is such a simple tip! She also recommends looking at a lot of yard sales and flea markets (though, she says yard sales usually have the best stuff). Just remember that it's going to be hard to find that same exact material again (especially if you buy at a thrift store or yard sale), so be sure that what you are buying is going to have enough fabric to complete whatever project you are doing.

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