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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Favor Ideas (2 and 3)

Just a few minutes ago I posted our first favor idea, melt and pour soaps. Since then, I've already found a third option for favors (which I had already slightly considered, but like a little bit more now). I'm not going to tell you what it is, though, you'll have to read the whole post first!

Our second favor idea are these adorable hanging terrariums!
Tutorial here.

What I like about them is that they are almost completely customizable (apparently this isn't a word, but it is now! ;-P). The only things that are completely necessary is the tin itself, but even that could be done in a different way (think: a box instead of a tin). We looked at this flower (you use air plants inside since there is no soil. They still need maintenance, but it's limited to spraying them with water every week or so).
Find this plant here.
However, the plants cost about a dollar a piece, and that's just really expensive for only one small aspect of the whole favor. You could always go the artificial route and just use fake moss, fake flowers, etc. No maintenance, but you run the risk of them being pointless or cheesy. They really are amazing, and I like them a lot, but I doubt they will fit into the budget. They were just too beautiful to keep off of the list, even if there's barely a chance that we'll make them. So, since it's almost impossible, we're going to talk about our surprise favor idea! And, I think it's very possible that they'll be the cheapest of them all (which is always a winner in my book!)

Custom mixed Cd's inside hand-printed origami style holders. 

Find link for free template download here.

Aren't these adorable? The only "problem" is that the template "as is" on the website is in the colors shown above. Though, this really isn't a problem because I know a few people who have Photoshop (who can quickly get rid of this for me), AND, I do have the ability to trace; so I could probably trace it and re-scan it, or do something similar. Either way, these are completely and totally do-able. I'm so confident that people will love our ceremony songs (and reception songs), that they will completely appreciate having a mixed CD of the music. While this doesn't appeal to everybody (I'm thinking of you, Grandma and Grandpa!), it does appeal to both sexes, and that's really my main concern. I'm also thinking this will cut down on costs because we'll only need to make one CD per couple/household. I mean, what's Mr. and Mrs. Doe going to do with two copies of the same CD? 

A large bundle of plain CD's don't cost very much, and I can very easily make the play list and burn all the CD's myself. It will definitely take awhile, but no more than two days. So this is easily a one or two weekend project; but the upside is that it isn't difficult at all. I can crank out CD's from my laptop, and print and fold the origami holders with the main computer and printer. At. The. Same. Time. How exciting is that?! Okay, it doesn't sound exciting, but it is for me, because I realized that I can actually cut my time in half if I do both at the same time. YAY! I think we may have officially found our favor.

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