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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Favor Ideas

Okay, so this is why I needed to take a break from researching so I could add everything I wanted to onto this blog. I thought to myself tonight, "Well self, just look through a couple different things on, like the budget option." Quickly, however, I found myself trailing off to a bunch of different vendor websites, reading a blog and otherwise straying far off topic.

So, now that I finally looked at the clock and decided it was time to kick my ass into gear, here I am. Ready to pump out a quick post so that I can go back to reading this wedding blog I found. (Sadly, while it's a wedding blog, I don't think it's going to help me in any way. It's just one of those things that I can't pull myself away from even though for me, it's kind of a waste of time!)

As promised, the topic this evening is going to be favors! Yay! We have two ideas that we really like. Actually, I'm pretty damn sure Tony isn't really concerned about the small stuff like what kind of favors we have. He's an amazingly involved groom-to-be, he helps make ALL of the decisions. But, I don't think I'd be likely to find him weeping if we decided to forgo wedding favors altogether. He is, bless his heart, delightfully a "big picture" guy when it comes to the wedding, and I'm not so much concerned, but more "excited" about the little things that will tie everything together. Thankfully we're so mismatched in this aspect, or we'd be stuff in a forever rut of picking out the right kind of doily.

So, for the first idea (the way I'm yammering on, this might need to be split up into two posts!) we have handmade soaps! Tony suggested that some guests might think we're telling them they need to bathe, or that they smell. But, I say, for any guest who looks at soap and thinks, "Gee, they must think I'm dirty!", 1) they really aren't getting the concept and 2) If you're concerned that others think you smell just because they gave you a gift, and everybody in the room got the same gift, then maybe you do smell. So, that being said, here we go!

We'd use the method known as "melt and pour" soap making, which sounds exactly like what it is. You buy a big block of soap, melt it, add whatever you want (like fragrance) and then you pour it into molds. Easy! Honestly, of the two ideas we have, this actually seems like the cheaper option. After I looked at the budget calculator over at WeddingWire, I'm starting to get nervous! They should make wedding planning into a game show! "Can they really plan an elegant wedding on $2,500 or less!? Stay tuned and see!" Talking about that will be a whole other post!

Since showing you clear blocks of soap would be really boring, here's a couple of cherry blossom soap molds I found.

Both molds found here.
The first is pretty and elegant in a very subtle way, and would require nothing more than pouring. The second, on the other hand, is much smaller (it's listed as a guest size), and would require color for the flower center and a separate pour and set time, and then either a second color for the background (or leaving it clear), with an additional pour and set time for that. So, considerably more work for a much smaller result.

The larger mold (the first one) will result in a 6oz soap, but the mold only has four cavities. The mold is priced at $7.50 (minus shipping and handling), so there's no way we could afford more than one mold. That means this will be one hell of a long project! At least we could split it up over as many weekends as we needed since the actual process doesn't take a long time, just the waiting part (for them to set and firm up).

The smaller mold (and the much more complicated) will result in an approximately 1oz soap, and the mold has six cavities. It is priced at $6.50, so it is not that much more affordable. Making the smaller soaps would really end up being a pain in the ass because we would need to give more than one soap per guest (how stingy would we look! "Here's one tiny soap. You'll probably be able to wash your hands with it twice as long as you're careful! Don't drop it and lose it down the drain of the sink!") Okay, so we're definitely not doing this one!! 

There is always the option of not doing a mold at all. Color them all one color and then just pour them into pans and after it sets, cut it into squares (or whatever). 

Then we'd have to package them up and go from there. Yikes. Just typing out everything that we'd have to do is making me tired. Maybe we won't go the soap route after all, but it's still a contender.
I loved this packaging idea, but I can't seem to find the tutorial for it. It looks simple enough, but where the hell do you find little mini doilies? (Google to the rescue, I'm sure!). Anyway, that's just one last little tid-bit for you tonight. Next up: favor idea #2

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