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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hanging Lights, Add On

In the last post I did, I showed you a couple different ideas I had that involved mason jars with lights in them. I told you that I liked them, but I might try to make them covered in doilies instead. Well, it turns out that I already found ones that I liked, covered in lace. So, I guess that wasn't an idea that I randomly came up with; it was one I had already seen and saved. Anyway, regardless of the origin of the idea, here they are:

Tutorial here.

Pretty, right? And, if I do say so myself, much prettier than the other options I showed you. Look how beautiful that glow is when the light shines through the lace. I don't know how doilies would look, but I definitely like the lace. Maybe I'll get lucky and somebody will have some extra lace hanging around (I'd probably only need a yard or so--I think), or Joann Fabrics will send me another coupon for 50% off one item (which includes one yard of any fabric not already on clearance). Of course, it's also entirely possible that the doily option will look just as good, so we'll definitely try both just to see what we like. 

So that's all I've got to show you right now, I think I'll be back later with some ideas for favors. I have two that I really like, and I definitely will have a hard time deciding between the two. :-)

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