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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hanging Lights

I've got some hanging light ideas that I wanted to share. Once again, I've never seen our (hopefully) venue, so I don't know if these will even work. But, I'm sure we can work something out; or just put them on tables instead (or something!)

Without further ado:

Mason jars! Apparently they are making wedding appearances more and more these days, so it's no surprise that I found two different tutorials to make them. I posted both pictures together because I'm hoping to combine them; the frosted looking ones in the first picture keep the "mason jar" aspect of them pretty muted.
Tutorial here.
 I like this idea because they don't look quite so blatantly like mason jars. Of course, I'm not a huge fan of the silhouette or heart; but they could easily be altered by using a cherry blossom cut out instead, or even leaving them entirely frosted. OR! I just thought of this. Remember the stool painted using doilies as a resist? We could use that here, which would give them a really pretty snowflake/lace type pattern. (The other option is to use adhesive spray to put the doilies directly on them; no painting required.)
Tutorial here.
I like this idea, but, like I said before, I don't like the plain mason jar. They're just a little too rustic looking for my taste. I definitely don't like the dirt used to hold the candle inside, though it does work well with the outdoor idea/theme. The wide lip on the jars make them much easier to hang, unlike the hanging flower vases I listed in the Paper Projects posts.  So, depending on our ability to find these cheap, we may be using mason jars instead. They would also work well if it turns out we can't hang anything inside the building because they can just be put on tables (like the food table).

On a completely different note, here is another type of hanging decoration or hanging light (however we decide to make them) that I really like:

Tutorial here.
These are easy to make with string and glue (or corn starch) and really look very delicate and elegant. I think they would be very pretty if they were hung in little clusters over the guest tables or the head table. I'm also heavily considering the idea of attempting to make some of these with doilies. I'd assume it can be done. I think we'd have to make them slightly smaller if we wanted to hang some over the tables, otherwise everything will look very crowded. I think one of the hardest parts about planning things in your head is that it's hard to know if everything will look right when it's all finally put together. It's also going to be hard to know what the right amount of things will be; in other words, there's a fine line between just enough decoration and too much decoration, and there's no way to know ahead of time where that line is. I guess that's why it's a good thing that we'll actually be the one's decorating, because we'll be the ones to decide when enough is enough.

That's all for this afternoon, I'll likely be back with more in the evening, after we get back from class. On a side note: I heard back from the woman who is selling the mirrors and the fascinator, and I am meeting her in Pittsburgh on Friday. Yay!

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