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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We bought some today! We had a minor fight at Walmart about it (I was pissy, he was sick and in was almost inevitable). But, in the end, we walked out as the proud owners of 100 invitations. They are the kind that have the design already on them (and the envelopes + the reply card with design and the invitation envelopes) already in the box, and all you do is print your own information onto them. We weren't going to buy invitations, I was going to make them myself (completely handmade), which would have taken SO much time! Now, I can focus on the embellishments that I was the most excited about anyway.

We stopped at Walmart after class to pick up some printer ink, and since we were there, I wanted to price card stock and other items to get an idea of costs. While we were wandering around, we ended up in the wedding supply aisle. Lo and behold, there are invitations that are in our color scheme AND decorated with our main flower. (Black and white, and cherry blossoms). -Side note: we decided the wedding will have a slightly Japanese feel to it. Probably not blatantly obvious to the guests, but it will be there. They were also on sale. Did I mention that? ON SALE!! They are selling for $19, and we got them at $14 per 50 pack box. The link is directly under the picture as a caption (Walmart). The other links (to the tutorials) are posted under the picture.

Find these invitations here
All you do, is go to the website ( and they have templates to use so you can match your text to your invite. This is obviously a stock photo. We plan on adding some of our own ideas/embellishments to these to make them mesh even more with the theme. We plan on having a doily/lace element in the wedding as well; so we might do this for the reply card envelope (or something!) Much too delicate for the outside envelope, but they might be nice to hold the direction map, or even the reply envelope with reply card. (Maybe people would be confused and try to mail the lace envelope?):

Tutorial here.
This idea might work for the outside main envelope. We would have to try it out for a few different things: Size, ability to withstand mailing, and ability to actually address these. But, they are promising. I would like to do this in black (do they MAKE black doilies? Maybe we'll dye them?) just because the envelopes are white, and they would really pop in black.

Tutorial here. The below picture is from the same tutorial, it's just a different technique. 

THIS is the one I am most looking forward to. How pretty is this envelope liner? Of course, like I mentioned before, the envelope itself is white. But, since we saved so much money (and time!) buying them, we might be able to make the envelope liner black and then put the white doily on top of the black liner. That would be very pretty, and also tie in with the theme. (I'm making myself very VERY excited).

I hope this has been as exciting for you as it is for me! Of course, this is one of the better examples of how we put the cart before the horse. We are planning before engagement, buying invites before we buy the shower invites or Save the Dates (or even HAVING a date, for that matter). We are on our way to ass-backwards wedding bliss. And I'm going to have a damn good time doing it, too!

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