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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Much Today

Yes, I've still been doing the crazy wedding searching all over the internet, but I've mostly been reading tips and advice (and doing less looking for actual tangible things).

I've been playing with the idea of a potluck reception (paired with some offerings of our own; a pig roast, and maybe some veggies--kabobs?) and, of course, cake. Hoping that my family won't want to kill me, but also hoping that feeding them won't break the bank. I mean, if we get any complainers, I'll give them a couple options, 1) Don't make anything. 2) Then don't come, and save us the money of having to feed you. But for pete's sake, don't complain. :-) Not that I expect any complainers (except maybe myself).

The bar also scares me, though considerably less than the food does. For one, I'm perfectly fine with serving beer (kegs) and wine, and some non-alcoholic options, and allowing the guests to be "on their own" when it comes to the hard stuff. The way I look at it is, "We're giving you beer and wine. If you don't like those options, then you're just being too picky. Neither of us is made of money, so if you only drink Jack Daniels, then you are more than welcome to bring your own."

This will be awesome because we won't have to feel guilty about not having enough alcohol, and at the same time, those picky people can have their top shelf alcohol and party as much as they want. AND, we'll eliminate the need to have a cash bar, or a really limited bar, or a early-closing bar. However, this brings in the concern for 1) Liability and 2) Safety, which ties into the liability concern. How do we cut them off? Who's going to make sure nobody's getting alcohol poisoning? So, what to do with our drunk guests? I'm not sure, short of notifying the local police that we're having a reception and they are more than welcome to patrol looking for drunken idiots (family or not; driving drunk is DUMB and that makes you an idiot. Thanks for making my wedding anniversary the same day as your death. Thanks for reminding me that I was the reason you were out drinking/driving/dying.) Seriously.

I think what we'll do is call up some local hotels (probably the Holiday Inn) and get some block rooms reserved, we'll tell the people in the invitations what's going on with the bar and that they are more than welcome to book a room if they think they'll be drinking a lot, or be too tired to drive. We will also let them know that the local authorities are WELL aware that we are having a wedding reception, and they'll be driving around frequently during the night (true or not). (Can you tell that I seriously DO NOT tolerate drunk driving?) And then at the reception we'll have a list of a bunch of different cab companies or other options of ways to get home/to the hotel, etc. I'm also thinking maybe we'll elect a couple different (willing) people with large cars/vans, etc to drive people to the hotel. But, they'd have to leave on the driver's time. Just because you're drunk and want to leave at 8pm doesn't mean that our awesome DD-elect is going to drop everything to escort you to the hotel. (Enough rambling for now!)

Also, one of the other concerns is: who the eff will be our bartender? Somebody's got to do it, otherwise it'll be a MESS. Hopefully Tony's dad knows some people at the club (the gun club--where we're hoping to have our reception at little or no cost because Larry does so much work up there). We could probably get somebody to do it if we offered a small cash incentive, or agreed to donate some money to the club-or something. Ideas very much appreciated with this one!

Well, sorry that was kind of long, and no pictures (again!). Just wanted to air some concerns and ideas before I forget them, and I also want to stay in the habit of posting.

(Tomorrow Tony and I are going to Monroeville to pick up the mirror centerpieces! Whoo! I'm also getting the fascinator from the same woman. Thank you, Craigslist!)

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