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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paper Projects Part One

I just went through my enormous list of stuff, and truth be told, I'm so excited to post that I'm not sure how to categorize my items today. I think we are going to go with miscellaneous paper crafts for this post. 

So, onward!

Let's start with vintage place-card dolls.

Tutorial here.
They're cute, right? There are a couple problems that go with these, however. They don't match our theme. I did find a similar tutorial which showed you how to make Japanese women, like pretty little geisha's. However, there was a lot of effort and time needed to complete those; so I went to this tutorial because these ones are simply printed and cut out. The reason I saved them is so that I remember to research Japanese women cut outs. Another problem is that I don't actually like these pictures. There's something irritating about the women looking very polished and the men being in robes (yes, I know they are smoking jackets--but they look like robes). A third problem is that I don't actually like that they are folded and put on the wine glasses. Luckily, this problem is very easily solved: don't do it like that! The easy fix is to turn them into table number assignments. You know, the ones they put on the table when you first enter? They have the name and table number, people grab them and head to their seats based on that information. If you're already thinking what I'm thinking, you realize that I already had an idea for table assignment cards. (See the cherry blossom embellishment post). So, what the hell will we do with these? I don't know, and we might not use them at all! But, the point of having a lot of ideas is that you can narrow them down; and you are committed to just one idea or project.

How about some beautiful paper flowers?? 
Amazing tutorial here.
These are from Martha Stewart Weddings. They also have one of the best (non-video) tutorials I've ever seen. That damn Martha can do just about anything. This makes me hate her, but it's also incredibly lucky for me, because these paper flowers are gorgeous and I desperately want to make them. Plenty of people (including myself) have mentioned to me that this is going to be an incredibly daunting task. Which is true, making a bunch of paper flowers would probably drive me crazy; but if you think about it, we really won't need that many. We've already got the centerpieces taken care of, and they won't require any paper flowers to be made. We'll have to have bouquets, of course. And, we'll probably need more flowers in other places that I haven't even thought of yet; so, there's that. BUT, the nice thing about making these flowers is that I can quit and buy artificial ones whenever I want. Also, Martha Stewart has an uncanny ability to make anybody feel like they can do any craft they choose; she's kind of like the Bob Ross of crafts. So, if Martha says I can make these flowers, no sweat, then by god, I'm going to do them! I can imagine that there will be a really great feeling of pride and accomplishment looking around and knowing I made them by hand. They also look much much harder to do than I (think) they actually are. Go look at the tutorial, you'll see what I'm talking about.

How about some hanging flowers?

"You cheated", you're thinking to yourself, "This craft doesn't even have paper in it!"
True. There isn't any paper. But, I kind of like the idea, so I'm thinking of putting paper flowers in them. What's funny is that I don't even know what our reception venue will look like, so I have no clue if this idea is even possible. Ah, the fun of ass-backwards planning. It's a good thing that I don't have my heart set on anything particular. I won't be upset if we don't have these hanging flowers, just like I won't be upset if we don't have any of the other ideas we've come up with. The reason behind this is very simple; I don't need a big wedding, and I don't need one that is ridiculously decorated. As long as I have Tony to marry, and my friends and family there to celebrate, I'll be happy. Honestly. I think this is what most brides realize after the wedding is over. Once they realize that they spent the equivalent of a down payment on a house, or a brand new car, or even a couple years of college, they realize that it's not the money that makes the wedding; it's the people. Would your $40,000 wedding be as amazing if nobody showed up? No, not at all. Weddings don't need to cost a fortune, and you don't need to wait until you can afford a fortune before you have a wedding. If you're ready to get married, get married. Why the hell should money stop you? For richer or poorer, right?

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