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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paper Projects, Part Two

I started to ramble a little in the last post (in a tasteful, coherent way), so I decided to split this post up into two sections. I still have more to show you!

Let's start with some roses. I bet you can't guess what they're made of:
Tutorial here.

Did you guess dyed paper coffee filters? If so, you're both correct and a little creepy (I also don't believe you). The tutorial for this looks a little tricky, but after reading the Martha Stewart tutorial from the last post, this one makes a lot more sense to me. The Martha Stewart ones were made from crepe paper and/or tissue paper, I believe. I've read so many paper flower tutorials, I can't keep them all straight. Anyway, there just isn't that much I can say about these that I haven't already said: they're flowers, made of paper! I might use them, I might not!

Onward, then. If you guess what this flower is made of, well, I won't be surprised: 

Tutorial here.

A dictionary page! If you guessed "book", then you still get credit, because you could do this with any book. Tony's not very fond of this one, but I like it a lot just because I'm a HUGE reader. Tony's not a reader at all, really, so that's probably why this flower doesn't evoke the same emotions for him. I'd love to slip a couple of these here and there. I don't want a huge bouquet of them, but I think it would be fun to have maybe five or less in the whole decor, just to see if anybody notices them. The real problem I'm going to have with making these is deciding which book to deface. *Gasp* You ought to know that I might not be able to do this craft, just because I will not part with any of my books; and I don't think I have any in bad enough shape to justify ripping pages out of it. Maybe I'll download an e-book and print out the page? It won't have that texture or wear like a real book has, but I can dye the paper with tea to give it the right color. (I'm actually enjoying a small sigh of relief over here; I really don't want to rip up a book!)

Okay, one more craft! I'm cheating again, because this isn't made of paper; but it will be when I make it!

Tutorial here.

This is a really pretty chair garland made from real flowers. Though, because we cannot (absolutely cannot) afford real flowers, and we won't have the time to care for and maintain real flowers, these will probably be made with either paper flowers or artificial ones. (Remember when I said we probably won't have a lot of flowers--I might have lied again). 

Truth be told, I really really really (really) want either chair covers or chair sashes (since I'm in fantasy land--I'd like both, please). I think they really add a lot of elegance to a reception. Sadly, they cost a lot to rent, and they are about the same price to buy outright. I'd imagine they also cost a bundle to make. Chair sashes might not cost too much to buy, rent or make, but would still put a reasonably big dent in our budget. (And at this point, we're more concerned about feeding our guests rather than having chair covers or sashes). If I can find them somewhere cheap, and we have room in the budget, then maybe we'll get them. Like I mentioned before, the wedding will still be amazing chair covers or not. So, I'm not too concerned about it. 

BUT! (And this is a good "but"), these flower garlands might be a nice compromise. They can be made or purchased (as in buying artificial flowers) at a reasonable price. They'll definitely be pretty and they would satisfy my need to make the chairs prettier. Yeah, this is one idea I feel pretty confident that we'll use, or at least, use to some extent; we'll probably modify it to an extent. 

So, this ends the second installment of paper projects (both of which ended up being almost entirely flowers). I have more goodies for you coming soon. 

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