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Monday, June 20, 2011

Re-purposed and "Up-cycled"

This blog has been everything: from it's original intention to be a place to find myself, to a book review blog, to simply taking up space on the inter-webs. It has, however, consistently been named "Notes From A Fool," and it has never fit better than now. I've been struck with inspiration (if you can call it that--more like duty), to become a more productive, positive member of society. Since I began college, I've become a better person. I have become more empathetic, and I think about the big picture; the cause and effect on people's lives and what a large impact we have on the individuals around us. Thus, the new purpose is born. I've recently begun making a conscientious decision to truthfully and genuinely appreciate everyone around me, for the smallest of things. I've decided to blog about this "new life", and hopefully not only inspire somebody around me, but to inspire myself as well.

This was my banner just seconds ago, and I only posted once under this *new* purpose for the blog. I guess it's plain to see that I'm just not quite sure what I'm doing; though I try to have a clear purpose. This blog has been a good indicator of my current thoughts based on the amount of times I have changed it around. BUT, at least that means I am growing.

So, it is once again that time when I have decided to change the purpose of "Notes From a Fool". We're going to be talking weddings now! I'm much more confident that I will actually post, because I am constantly trying to find somebody to gush to after a night of searching. 

You, my friends, the ones who are curious enough to have a look, and my "imagined audience" will be following through my journey of "DIY Bride". (This translates pretty well, in my case, to "Poor Bride".) 

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