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Friday, June 24, 2011

Some awesome things I've found today

So, I usually try to group things so that each post has a theme, but not tonight. Though, I could cheat and just tell you that the theme is "wedding", and ignore the fact that the items don't really go together. This post will be a short one because I'm sure your eyes are still bleeding from that last post about budgets. AND this one will have three pictures. See, I made up for it.

Some gorgeous DIY napkin holders. Perfect for just about any occasion, but obviously to be used at the reception, and possibly the shower/engagement party/whatever the hell we decide to do.
Tutorial here.
You probably won't believe me if I tell you, but these are made with empty Saran Wrap tubes. Seriously. Some pieces of fabric, Saran Wrap tubes and glue. That're pretty much all there is to making these, and they really add such a statement to the decor. I particularly love the colors in the picture above, ours obviously won't look like this at all, but what a pretty picture! The big decision will probably end up: white napkins with black holders or black napkins with white holders?! Decisions decisions!

I know I say this a lot, but you'll NEVER never ever guess what these beautiful luminaries are made from. Even the watermark on the picture (candletech) won't give it away.

Tutorial here.
Wax, yes. But how? With water balloons! Isn't that just mind-boggling? Anyway, check out the tutorial; even if you'll never make them. It's a short tutorial, and it really leaves a lot to the imagination. BUT, the good news is that a lot of what isn't mentioned can be easily found in two ways: Google it, or look through that particular website. (Questions being: What type of wax, won't the candles inside melt the luminaries themselves? Etc)

Something that's very similar to what I've already shown you, but still pretty enough to mention again: Lace embellished Thank You cards and envelope.
Tutorial here.
So pretty. And it definitely ties in with the theme. What my main question is, is how the hell do these brides afford all of this postage! Yikes! Believe it or not, that's one of my biggest concerns about this whole wedding planning thing. Oh my goodness, how will I afford to mail out so many invitations? Is it acceptable to make guests pay for their own RSVP card stamps? How can I bypass all of this postage! 

Tony's sister, Jenny, works as a postal person, maybe I should ask her if postal people get any discounts. ;-) Okay, I know the USPS isn't Walmart, so they probably don't give discounts, but wouldn't that be awesome! 

Well, I promised you a short post, and for a rambler like me, this is as short as you get.

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