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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cherry Blossom Centerpiece #1

Tutorial here
Staying with our cherry blossom theme, we are likely going to make these with cherry blossoms instead of these paper flowers pictured here. I found flowers (like luau flowers--only smaller) in cherry blossoms and also pins like the ones used here in the Oriental Trading catalog (Pictures below). They are $3.00 for 100 pins and $4.00 for a package 200 flowers. And we all know Styrofoam balls aren't very expensive. These look super simple to make, so I don't think we would have any problems at all making these, and they'd be pretty cheap overall.
Found at Oriental Trading
Also from Oriental Trading
I think I am going to buy one set of each, and one Styrofoam ball just to try out this idea. Honestly though, we'll probably stick with these just because the price is so good (and it saves me from hand cutting hundreds of little flowers--plus the price of the paper and stencil, or having Tony hand draw me one). We have an additional centerpiece idea that goes with the cherry blossom theme, but it looks like this post is getting a little long, so I'll post it under Cherry Blossom Centerpiece #2. To give you a hint: we are looking at two different height arrangements, short and taller. These little balls are going to be the "short" ones.

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