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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Can We Make With Doilies?

Answer: Everything!!

Just because we can, doesn't mean we will, so don't be scared!! Tasteful is the name of the game.

Let's start off with something that I am sure we'll actually use:

Tutorial here.

Doily cones! For throwing birdseed or whatever after the happy couple is married. Of course, if you use birdseed, they would probably need to be lined; so I guess what we do with them will depend on what we decide to put in them. I'm actually not a big fan of the birdseed/bubble thing, but at the same time I always wonder where it is if I'm at a wedding that doesn't have it. I guess that means we'll be doing it. (And honestly, it doesn't matter to me, but we may as well. I guess, what it'll come down to is budget. If we have room in the budget, then we'll have them. If not, no big deal.)

Website here.
So there obviously isn't a tutorial for these because you just write the name on the doily and put it under a glass or clear plate. Since we probably won't have seating assigned that specifically (just a general table number), and we definitely cannot afford glass plates (I haven't even thought about pricing clear plates), I don't know how or if we'll even use this idea. But it's a nice idea anyway. I've basically saved this as a starting point. In other words, I'll look at this picture and try to come up with a twist on it; a way that we can use it in our wedding. As of right now, though, I've got nothing.

Tutorial here.
This is another one of those things that is a starter idea. First of all, this doily bowl is made from a fabric doily, though it is completely possible to make from a paper one (I would imagine). I just don't know how we would use this, or if it would be worth it. Honestly, I'm not even that fond of the concept. Although, what I just thought about (see the picture already started doing what it was supposed to), is that maybe we can use large doilies as liners for serving bowls, like bread, and other things that aren't going to destroy the doily. Silverware, napkins, bread? I don't know, just doing some thinking "out loud". I assume we'll either think of something, or trash the idea altogether, which is fine with me!

Onto something else that I have NO idea what we'll do with it, but it was really cute, and I wanted to save it. 

Tutorial here.
Using a doily as a resist when painting! Pretty, right? Well, like I said, we're having a wedding, not redecorating a home, so I don't know how the hell this might translate into something we can use for the wedding. Maybe we can make signs? You know, the ones that say "So and so's wedding", or "Parking this way", or even just "Wedding". Poor Tony. I'm sure he'll jump with joy if I ask him to do something like this. We'll likely scrap this, but it's also entirely possible that I'll look at this six months down the road and say, "Oh! We can do "....." with it!" So, I'm keeping it around until we start to do our final cuts. 

There are SO many wonderful things I have to show you all still. I've decided to take a break from the ongoing wedding research to try to get as much posted and talked about before I start to add more and more things to my wedding folder. I've been trying to post as much as possible, and let's face it, I really like having an "audience", even if nobody is really reading this right now. I'm still really excited to write this and have something to look forward to. I'm also sure Tony is thrilled because it means I'm bothering him less to come and look at something silly, like a stool painted using doilies! So, this is the last post for tonight, and I will definitely be back tomorrow with more amazing things to share. Now I'm going to have a quick look at Craigslist to see if anything new popped up over there. 

This weekend Tony and I are going to visit my grandparents and we are also stopping at a thrift store and an antique store, so maybe I'll find something there!

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