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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the Hell Have I Been Up To?

I haven't posted lately, and that's for a few different reasons:

1) I've been reading a lot of wedding blogs (instead of researching)
2) We've been looking at rings!!

I've been reading a lot of interesting blogs, obviously wedding related, over the last couple of days/weeks, so that's why I haven't had too many new ideas for you. First of all, most of the blogs I am reading are more about the stresses and other happenings surrounding a wedding. I'm clearly not to that point yet, so I can't talk to you about how I went to try on dresses, because I didn't. And, I can't talk to you about looking at vendors, venues or food testings, because we either haven't done it or don't plan to. So, from what I've seen, I'm in a little category all of my own. Yet, I've really taken a lot away from reading different bride's accounts of their planning processes. Of course, it being summer, a lot of the wedding blogs I have read are getting ready to transform into "post wedding blogs" because their weddings are going to be happening soon. I'm really enjoying going back through the archives and reading from the beginning because the brides have all made a huge transformation. This means that I am going to work extra hard to maintain this blog, because I want that transformation as well.

Wedding rings! Well, I wouldn't call it serious "looking", because I've basically been trolling Ebay, Amazon and occasionally Craigslist (and doing a lot of Googling) seeing what types of rings I actually like. I personally like the marquise style center ring (LOVE, is more like it), and Tony knows this, so no worry there. BUT, I am struggling with diamond vs CZ. I told Tony that I think it's ridiculous to spend a ton of money on a wedding/engagement ring when we can barely afford any of the other things we need to pay for. Not to mention that I'm a total cheap ass, and I don't know if I could stand having close to a grand on my hand! Tony is concerned because he WANTS to get me whatever I want, but he still wants to feel like he is doing his best as a "provider" to get me a real diamond. I say that CZ's and diamonds look the same! Why buy one rock over another just because one is more expensive!?

Anybody who knows me, however, knows that while I am cheap, I also have expensive taste. So, this is another fantastic reason to get a CZ--the "real" diamonds I will want will be way too expensive. Case in point:

Oops. I totally fell in love with this ring on Ebay. It was custom bought/made by buying each piece separately (center stone and setting), the seller paid almost $3000 for it and he's offering it at a "Buy it Now" price of $1700. Tony wants to get me one at the highest price of $700. Whoops, only $1000 over budget. Of course, the seller also has it listed under bidding as well; which started at $100. But, the catch is that he also states that he won't sell it for "a couple hundred", he's looking to make at least some money on his purchase, which is understandable. Needless to say, we aren't getting this ring, but I fear that I put myself into a predicament because I really love this ring. This is going to be the one that I compare everything else to. 


Tony and I basically cuddled up together and mourned the ring we cannot have. Sappy, yes. But, at least I know the poor guy would buy it if he could; and honestly, I don't want him to. We don't have the money. And this is why my CZ argument is stronger than ever. 

Of course, the flip side of this is that I also found a couple rings that I really like; except they are cheap in probably more ways than just the price! They aren't even real silver, for one, and Tony really hates that. Which I understand, I mean, this is supposed to be an engagement ring. How bad would I look if it turned my finger green!?

This is why we're not really "looking", just browsing. But at least we are headed in the right direction. Tony has also found a couple bands that he likes, which is awesome! Our major problem was that Cody (the friend's wedding we were in) just happened to end up getting a wedding band that Tony really wanted! This is the problem when you have friends getting married, I guess, you have similar tastes. So, obviously Tony doesn't want a ring exactly like the one his friend has, but at the same time yes. he. does. So, we found a couple that he REALLY likes that are just different enough, but still the same concept of what he wanted. 

I would love if I could completely mimic my parent's wedding rings and just add the things I want to them; silver instead of gold, and a marquise instead of whatever it is my mom's engagement ring has. Of course, I haven't seen ONE single ring that even looks like theirs. Not even remotely. I guess I'm still doing everything "the hard way". The downside to this is that I doubt I'll get a ring like I really want because there's no way we can afford a custom ring, and it would be ridiculous to shell out a ton of money for a custom ring just to put a CZ into it. Ahhhh, the fun we have. 

On an awesome note: our relationship books came in!! Yay! Tony and I (and my parents)+ miscellaneous other family members are going on a short vacation together for the fourth; this means we can relax and go through our books together. I'm probably a ton more excited about this than Tony is, but that's what happens when a reader marries a dyslexic. He just doesn't enjoy reading because it becomes a chore, obviously stripping away any of the enjoyment he would get out of it. He has graciously agreed to work through the books with me, because he loves me. 

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