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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Back!

We are back from vacation--though it was pretty stressful, so I don't know if you can really call it "vacation". Either way; we're home, and I am REALLY glad.

Last night I had a weird-o dream about Tony proposing. I'm going to type it here (since nobody really reads this as far as I know).

I can only assume that this was taking place in Pittsburgh. It started out with both of us commuting together to get to work or school (or something). We took a train or a bus or something similar, and we ended up being late for our transfer and had to catch a cab. (These were really awesome cabs, by the way. They were actually a lot like zip cars) You were the driver, and when you got to where you needed to go, you just left it there. They had trackers on them to let the owners know where they were.) Some woman along the street let Tony and I jump ahead of her to get the cab; I remember thinking how nice it was of her to let us do that.

We finally got (almost) to where we were going, and decided to window shop while we were waiting (I'm not sure what we were waiting for; I think Tony was actually dream-stalling for time). We found a jewelry shop that I wanted to stop into, but for some reason the woman was closing up. (Don't ask me why. I specifically remember looking at my watch and it being 7:38am.) I was really peeved, and we had a back and forth with each other. I held my left hand up to the window to tell her that I wanted to look at engagement rings/wedding bands. She and I basically had a silent argument and she finally let us in, but was really snippy.  (side note: it's weird that engagement rings are called "rings" but your wedding ring is called a "band". The wedding part is interchangeable; I've heard both ring and band used, but never "engagement band".)

When we got in there, I immediately noticed that she had a small money loose in the shop. I started harping on her about how those moneys were illegal and I was going to report her. She very snidely replied that she knew that they were illegal and she pays a daily fine of a little over $200.--It may have just been a fee for having one, and not a fine. I don't remember. (I don't remember the exact number, but she did give me one). She was also rude and told us that there wouldn't be anything in the shop in our "price budget", without us even telling her what our budget was. So, I was pissed that she automatically assumed we were poor and started looking around anyway.

At this point in the dream it starts getting fuzzy for me to remember; but I know Tony wasn't there anymore. He probably told me he was leaving to go do something; I don't know. Suddenly there is a man there shopping as well, and another man who was a salesperson. (Reminded me a lot of Randy from Say Yes to the Dress). The shopping man had a very specific ring he wanted to look at: The ring I fell in love with on Ebay!! The one I posted a week or so ago! So, of course, I'm very interested and also mad that this guy wanted to look at it. I mean, if he walks into a ring shop and knows exactly what he wants to look at, it's very probable that he will want to buy this ring. So, they show him the ring and I follow them outside for them to look at it. I asked him very politely if I could look at it as well, and I know I definitely mentioned that I couldn't afford it, so he didn't have to worry about me trying to buy it from under him. He, also very nicely, allowed me to look/try on the ring.

Things in dream-land are nothing like they are in the real world, and this ring was HIDEOUS. It looked absolutely nothing like that real ring. It was marquise shaped in the center, but then it had big crystal looking stones coming straight up from different places, like little towers. Some were different colors (I specifically remember purple) and none of them were the same size. It looked ridiculous, but since I had professed such a love for it before I actually saw it; I put it on anyway, and it didn't really fit. I remember mentioning that I didn't like how it was symmetrical. This is where the dream got REALLY weird! The salesman then tells me that the ring had once been in his ass. (I know, I told you it was WEIRD) He even went as far as to show me a flaw on the band and told me it was a "stain"..he was slightly more graphic, but I'm sure you can imagine what the stain was. Thankfully, that's where the truly weird stuff ended.

Another small fuzzy section, because the next thing I remember, the original salesperson/owner lady is beside me and she is showing me wedding dresses. She is wearing this old-timey dress that is gorgeous, but looks like it's made of felt or wool. The dress is all one color, but the underside is yellow. I remember telling her I really liked it, but asked if I could get the underside in a different color. (She said yes, by the way). I also remember her putting one on and lacing it up. She told me that she didn't think she had many/any dresses in my size because they didn't sell them that large. (This old lady was really getting her jabs in on me in that dream, let me tell you.) I remember thinking that was bullshit because I had read a sign outside saying they carried them up to a size 28 or something like that. Anyway, I can only assume that she found a dress my size, because I'm positive that I was wearing one, but I don't know what it looked like.

She takes me outside, puts her arm in mine (she was on my left side), and starts walking me up the street. She's talking about something or other that involves dresses; probably about needing to walk in them, or something. I'm paying attention to her, looking to my left, when all of a sudden Tony shows up to my right and takes my arm in his. He's all dressed up, too, in an outfit that also looks old-timey and felt or wool-like. The woman lets go and pretty much disappears. Tony and I continue walking up the street, and I pretty much know exactly what is coming, so I'm very excited and likely tearing up. He takes me to what looks like an outdoor amphitheater for small bands or shows. It's not very large, like a concert stage or anything like that. He kneels down on one knee and proposes. As he's putting the ring on, he is putting it on my right hand, so I whisper to him, "wrong hand", and he gets a tiny bit flustered and corrects himself. So, on goes the ring on my left hand. (In case you're wondering, I know for sure it wasn't the hideous ring from the shop, but I also can't tell you what it looked like. Dreams are weird. Though it's possible that I don't know what the dress and ring looked like because I haven't found a dress or ring in real life). For some reason, I think we proposed and got married all at the same time; we were both really dressed up, and I remember having a band and an engagement ring on.)

At this point, it's all over, so he picks me up and I remember my dress flying up so everybody got a good look at my ass. I also remember not caring! I was very very very excited. Grinning that grin that makes you look crazy and a little ugly because you're showing all your teeth and a little gum, too. But, I couldn't help myself.

That's pretty much the end of the dream, but I do remember going back and talking to the shop owners and the lady said she was difficult and mean as a means to stall me, or something like that. That part is a little fuzzy for me. I do remember asking Tony a bunch of times, "How did you plan this!?", and he, like a true magician, wouldn't tell me.

Needless to say, that was one of the better bizarre dreams I've had. It was very romantic, and it was such a blast!

On a real-life update: because that ring reared it's (ugly) head in my dream, I decided to check it out on Ebay to see if it had sold; it hasn't. There were one or two bids on it, but it only got up to $300 or so. The seller has re-listed it and started the bidding at $300 instead of $100. So, I can only assume that he's frustrated that it hasn't gained a bidding frenzy. I will probably keep an eye on it, because I'm really interested to see what it sells for, if it ever sells!

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