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Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Just going to write a quick entry tonight (well, I'll try. You know how I am)

Things have been going well. We are coming up on the end of our summer classes and getting ready to head into our fall classes; so a lot of my time as been going towards making everything is as it should be. AND, also making sure I'll actually be able to graduate on time and not have to drag it out another year. (It would really only be an extra semester, but I wouldn't be able to "walk"/graduate until May 2013, a full year after I should, even though I'd have my diploma.)

That being said, I haven't been doing a whole lot of research lately, although tonight I did look at VistaPrint to get an idea of design and cost for some business cards for the photography angle. Also looked at pricing and design for our address stamps. I'm not writing them all out, and it would be nice to have a stamp instead of labels because it would be a long time use kind of thing. The only problem with that would be: what last name to put on the stamp? I"ll obviously be changing my name, so we wouldn't use it if I had my last name on it. If the price is right, though, it'll be worth it either way.

SO! The exciting part of this post. I talked to Tony about the ring I showed you guys a few posts back. The one I LOVE. He agreed that it would be alright if I chipped in some of my own money to buy it, since I was the one who picked a ring that was so over budget. We (and by that, I mean I) are currently negotiating with the seller in the hopes that he will let the ring go for a price closer to our budget. I've got a set number I am aiming for, and the seller is hoping to get a number slightly higher than that. I've made a few points that I hope will make him reconsider. But, truthfully, this is in it's very infancy, so it could go either way. Yes, I'll be disappointed if we get get him to lower the price, but at the same time, I already feel a little guilty that we would be potentially spending so much money on a ring. Especially since I spent so much time and effort protesting a diamond, or even just an expensive ring in general, for that matter. Yes, I love the ring, but I can definitely let it go if I have to. I know that there will be another ring down the line that I like just as much, or even more. So, I'll try to keep you updated on the negotiation. The current listing on the ring should be done by now, and I've requested that he re-list the ring as "Best Offer" so that we can officially negotiate on the price. Once he does the re-listing, we should be able to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping to have an answer by the end of next week.

This of course is just another way that Tony and I are completely nontraditional. However, I still want him to officially propose, and I know it means a lot to him for him to do it. HOWEVER!!! IF we get this ring, it's going to get shipped to the house. I'm going to DIE not being allowed to open it, or try it on, or WEAR it. AHH. No, seriously. It's going to be SO rough to know that it's right there in the box and that I can't have it. :-( I certainly hope he doesn't plan to torture me with that by waiting a long time to propose. I'd like to believe that I can just push it out of my mind and forget it's even there; but that's a LIE. Maybe we'll have it shipped to my parent's house, or his sister's house so that I won't be tempted to play dress up while he's gone. Plus, it would definitely surprise me when he does propose because I wouldn't know when he picked it up. His sister's is probably the best bet because it is the closest to his work, so he could stop after work and there wouldn't be a time change in his getting home that would make me suspicious. Good plan.

Well, that's all for now. :-)

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