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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cake Stands

First of all, let me mention that I have been doing non-stop planning the last couple of days, so I have LOTS to tell you! I'm going to try to condense my research folder and post up some of my recently found ideas (before they all start to back up and I'm just as swamped as I was when I first started this blog.) Hopefully, I can have almost everything put up.

I'm not even sure if we will use these, but they are so simple, and cheap! I couldn't leave them out, somebody can surely use them for something, hell I'm sure I could use them for something down the road, even if we don't use this for wedding stuff.

Tutorial here.
These are homemade cake stands using regular plates and stemware. It looks to me that the part of the stemware that would normally sit on the table is the part that is attached to the underside of the plate. This gives the illusion of what an actual cake stand looks like. (Like this:)

See how the rim of the glass is actually at the bottom? In thus tutorial (it's pretty short and sweet, and you probably don't even need to read it to figure out how to make these), the crafter uses epoxy to secure the two pieces together. I'm wondering if hot glue would work just as well? Maybe you could lightly sand the parts you need to glue to each other so that they will have better grip to each other? I mostly pose this question because I don't particularly want to go out and buy any more supplies than I actually *need*, and I happen to have a glue gun sitting about 2 feet away from me. I also know of a thrift store (St. Vincent de Paul) near me where I can pick up the glassware for about $.10 a piece. This could feasibly be a REALLY cheap project for me.

Assuming I find plates and glasses that I really like, this could be a really simple gift, item I use after the wedding, or even just a decoration. I think this is something that could easily be added to (you could find clear  glasses and spray paint them so they look frosted, spray paint over a design and pull the design off to create an all frosted look with a little silhouette. 

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