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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clear Stamps

The following are pictures of the stamps Tony and I bought over the last couple of weeks. These were all purchased through Joann Fabric. I did a test run with all of them today to see how they would show up on paper, and I am pretty pleased with all of them. Some of the ones we ordered surprised us when we got them in because despite the name "mini", they are actually kind of big. This might be a kind of boring post because I'm just going to describe the stamps we got. But, whatever, you all know how to skip. 

Pack of three. 1) Unforgettable 2) Timeless 3) Moments in Time
This is one of those that is much bigger in person than we thought it would be. "Mini" sometimes doesn't actually mean "Mini", I guess.

Pack of four. These ones are the only ones that stamp on paper weirdly. They are still pretty and easy to work with (and have a pretty obvious cherry blossom), however, for some reason the end results end up looking kind of cartoonish and with thick lines. Still pretty. And still totally usable.

Two stamps here. One is the camera and the other is the word "smile". Both of these stamps came out GREAT. We are going to use the camera stamp with our invitation business card inserts reminding everybody to bring their cameras. (More on that later)

Three stamps 1) True Love (in the circle) 2) You and Me (the elongated, vertical one) and 3) Sweetheart

Our "Thank You" stamp. Probably won't be put to use much, if at all, in the actual wedding. This is most likely for the post shower and post wedding related stuff. 

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