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Monday, August 15, 2011

Helpful Tips

Here are some great tips and ideas for renewing, reusing and generally offering a new twist on some common household items. This list was originally used for weddings, but I think they transfer really well into the everyday.

*All ideas and tips listed here, and more can be found here.

Use cake stands (or make one using the tutorial from a few posts back) to create a centerpiece that is simple and elegant. This would be great for a coffee table or other table or counter. You get to use cake stands that would otherwise be gathering dust, and you can set out candles to create a nice, inexpensive focal point in your home. 

Before you add candles to any candle holders, spray some cooking spray into the  holders to make for easy cleanup. This is also great because it allows for the holders to be reused after the candle has been melted away. I wish I knew about this one years ago! You could probably use this tip and combine it with the cake stand tip above. Instead of spraying (which is messy!) just spray a paper towel and rub a circle a little bit wider than the candle. I would be extra cautious in case the spray + cake stand makes the candle prone to slipping off of the stand. Try this out before your guests arrive! 

Have some champagne that is a little flat? Drop in a raisin before pouring and it will liven  up your drink a little bit. Seems easy enough, and it will save your wallet a little bit because you won't be wasting money buying more champagne. 

This one is great for weddings, but is clearly awesome for all year round! Use a bare bulb (lamp without the shade) to use as a ribbon straightener. Obviously caution is recommended because some ribbons are made of fabrics that are not light bulb friendly. You also want to be careful not to leave the ribbon on the bulb for too long or you might have to call the fire department!  Be careful of your eyes, too. I can imagine if you had a lot of crinkly ribbon, you'd have some burning eyes after using this tip. 

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