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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Can't Sleep!

Two of our friends are getting tomorrow! Congratulations about 10 hours early to Biggie and Bobbi!!

Anyway, it's natural that I have complete and utter wedding brain right now. I keep coming up with ideas, and running through our future wedding in my head. Awesome. But terribly annoying at the same time!! I WANT TO SLEEP.

So, here are some ideas that won't let me go to bed:

  • Have the ceremony outside. This was always that plan, however, I thought it would be awesome to take an idea from Jess's wedding and create a circus tent kind of thing around all the seats. This will keep the wedding party and my dad and I mostly hidden until it's time for us to walk down the aisle. The way I figured we could do this would be to make/find wooden frames, or something like that, and hang up white sheets. Kind of like Jess had. Then put them so they are in a semi circle around the seating area. There would be an area without any sheets in the back area where we would all walk through. Debating currently on whether there should be some type of covering for this as well. Maybe like those hippie beads, only with shredding sheet? Or something. Anyway, I realize that the possibility of this actually happening is probably pretty slim since it's pretty useless after the fact (unless we used it as double duty for a photo booth? Even though I couldn't care less if we had one? And it'll mean I'll have to add one more thing to my list: buy/collect props?) AND, it will probably cost a little bit. I mean, I can definitely pick up white sheets here and there at the quarter store, and I imagine we could find some wood. Eh. We'll talk about it, I guess. (This is why this is an IDEA only. Haha)
  • Remember how I wanted to string flowers on a garland and put them behind all the chairs? Well! I just thought of another way to incorporate everything together. Get the mini Styrofoam balls from the dollar store and decorate them with leftover cherry blossom cut outs and string them up, too. We can alternate between flower ball and artificial flower. The question is: do we want to decorate the chairs outside for the ceremony, too? Or do we just want to stick to the inside chairs? Obviously, this is another one that I'm not quite sure about, but I do know that we are definitely going to have lots of extra paper. So, that's another option for a way to use that for something else. 
  • I will want to make sure that our wedding party can hear the music so we can all hear our cues to come in. However, idea number one might get in the way of that slightly. Because while it will block our sight from our guests, it will also block our hearing. The fix to that is to make sure we have lots of speakers inside the tent area. I don't think we have speakers. I know we have a karaoke machine, but I also know from family reunions that it isn't very loud. So, that's probably out. The ultimate of excitement would be to get three or four speakers and place them all around the tent area. Then we'd be sure that everybody can hear everything from the start of the music, to our vows, to the exiting music. How to get this is the hard question. I think Tony has some speakers in the attic, but that doesn't answer the question of how to get those speakers and a microphone to work together. (Other unanswered questions: who is going to run our music for us? How will be get our music split up?)
  • Other thoughts that have been popping up include: How will be pass our rings around for the ring warming? I want them to be on or attached to something. Just because I don't particularly want to deal with the awkwardness of stopping mid ceremony to help look for the rings in the grass because somebody dropped them. I don't even want to consider the idea of a pillow. I personally think they're kind of silly. I do, however, really like the idea of putting them on, or in, a book. The question then, is: What book? Maybe a poem book? I don't really have a poem book. OH! Just thought of this now. How about our Seven Principles book? We're going through it right now as our pre-marital counciling book. Neither of us is religious, and we don't particularly have the cash to actually GO to pre-marital sessions, and we definitely don't have the time. So far, the book has been working perfectly for us. I think that if we see an improvement in ourselves and our relationship and the book actually comes to mean a lot to us, then that would be a PERFECT book to use for our wedding. We can have our speaker (who has yet to be found! [another worry-ish] to talk about why we chose that book and why it's important to us and how it relates to the wedding.
  • Will I wear a veil? Will I wear a birdcage? Will I wear a combination of the two?? I have yet to even make my test-veil, so as of now, I have no answers. 
  • My dress! I haven't gone shopping, and I don't quite plan on it. I already know kind of what I want; but what it really comes down to are two things: budget and my size. In the bridal world, I am "plus sized", meaning I'm not going to be able to save money by buying a sample size. But, because my budget for my dress is tiny (and rightfully so), I won't have the luxury of picking out whatever dress I want and ordering it in my size. I am going to have to go to clearance and blowout sales from stores like MB Bride and David's Bridal and look through what they have in my size. And then, pick from that selection. It doesn't make dress finding impossible, just a little harder. That's all. At the end of the day, I'm not particularly worried about what I am wearing, but it obviously needs to flatter me. 
  • Photographs! It's not so much of whether they will happen or not, because they definitely will. But, I've been trying to think of a timeline in my head of how we will be able to get the most "bang for our buck" so to speak. We found one photographer who isn't a shoe-in yet, because I haven't seen a lot of her work, but she does offer the best prices. Meaning, if we want any kind of professional photographer at all, she's our best bet. I'm not particularly worried about getting professional photos of things like the reception or first dance, but I do what the ceremony photographed, and I want our staged photos of family and whatnot. If I can find about three hundred dollars to allot for photography, then I think I can get ALL the shots that I want. Being really generous and giving the ceremony an hour, and being really generous and giving the posed shots an hour, that leaves us with one hour to take pictures at Linn Run. Which is where I REALLY want to get married, but an sacrificing because it's going to cause a lot of trouble with Sandi and grandma. The compromise is to have a lot of our pictures taken there. I would LOVE to get lucky and have somebody gift us some cash or something so I could afford an extra hour up in the Ligonier area. I want to take a picture at the diamond like my mom and dad did, and I also want to walk the streets a little bit, because they are gorgeous. However, who knows what will happen, and if we'll even like the woman's portfolio. And, if push comes to shove, I can always beg Aldona to accompany us to Linn Run for pictures. Also in compromise is the fact that we just aren't going to be able to get our whole wedding party up to that area afterwards. Which is fine, we'll just have pictures of the two of us taken. Apparently those types of shots are hard to get at a wedding because there's always somebody hanging out with the bride and groom. I've even heard some stories where people have looked at their photographer's pictures after the fact and realized that they didn't get ONE single shot of just the two of them together. I think it'll be much more intimate this way, anyway. So I'm totally okay with that idea. 
So, I think that's it "FOR NOW", and I am sure that when I go to lay down in bed and finally fall asleep, there will be something else to creep into my mind. I am not officially SORRY that I didn't take a sleeping pill tonight. That brain gets cranking and I just can't fall asleep. So, I am going to end this post, and try to relax and have a quick browse around the internet before I cuddle up with Tony and the cat and try to fall asleep. (I know the computer doesn't help in making me sleepy, but whatever. I'm desperately trying to get this awful sleep pattern turned around. I think I must be nocturnal. All my best thinking and progress has always happened at night. I wonder if there is a desire for nighttime psychologists??)

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