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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Invitation Inserts!

I found an awesome coupon the other day for 100 FREE business cards at Staples. It expires at the end of the week (8/6), so I knew I had to jump on this. The question, of course, was what exactly can I use 100 business cards for? Specifically, plain black and white business cards? After thinking about it for a day, we realized that we could use this opportunity to start reminding our families and friends to bring their cameras to the wedding! We already had purchased a camera stamp that I really liked, so I knew this would work out well.

We know there is almost no way we'll be able to afford a "professional" photographer for our wedding, so we're going to ask a few of our photography-student friends to take as many "professional" type photos as possible, and we'll probably have to rely a lot on our guests. We're not a big fan of the disposable camera on every table option. One, they're pricey to buy, pricey to develop and once the real fun begins and the alcohol flows it's a crap-shoot as to what type (if any) pictures will get developed. Not to mention that in this day and age everybody and their dog has a digital camera. If my grandfather can use one, so can you! This is why it's particularly important that we really stress for everybody to bring their cameras. Besides, why would I spend $24 on a photo-sharing website subscription if nobody is going to use it!?

Tony and I had to run up to the school to pay his bill for the fall semester and talk to the financial aid people. After that we went to Arby's for some grub. Over which we wrote down a few ideas for what our cards should say. Tony had some really great ideas and eventually we settled on a quick poem that came out of nowhere. We did some quick switching around and editing and made our final decision. Not bad for over-thinkers like ourselves.

We go to Staples, which is where the real fun began because we got to go through and choose our fonts and placement. Surprisingly, this took us awhile because we fiddled with the fonts and placements for quite awhile; there was a lot of, "Let's move this line up just a hair", and "Which font do you like better? This one or this one?" Finally, we decided on our product and handed the reins over to the woman behind the counter who took over. Here are our "final" products:

I made the picture a little larger than normal so you can see the wording better. The crazy colors in the background are courtesy of my little wedding idea notebook that I've pledged to keep in my purse so I can write down ideas/product numbers/stores on the fly.

These little cards will get stamped with the camera stamp (see previous post), on the back. We haven't decided yet if we are going to do anything with the front. We'll probably have a little bit of trial and error to decide what we like. These were an AMAZING deal for FREE. We will slip them in with the wedding invitations that get sent out.  YAY! We are really excited about them, and for a little time and effort, these will cost us absolutely nothing. How budget-friendly is that?

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