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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Flowers...

Are not quite as easy as they seem. Of course, Martha Stewart can make anything look easy.  AND, I'm using tissue paper instead of crepe paper. So, I'd imagine it's harder because the paper is thinner and more delicate.  Anyway, the picture below includes the two paper flowers I've tried to make so far. The purple one is "supposed" to be a daisy. I use the term really loosely, because it doesn't really look much like a daisy. In my defense, I made it at about 1:30 am, the lighting was really dim, and I didn't have any of my supplies (so the stem is actually a green pen). The pink one is supposed to be a rose. It actually looks a little bit like it is supposed to, though it looks nothing like the picture from the website. 

Also in the picture (I killed two birds with one stone) is part of our centerpieces that we just found. They will be set up like this:

One half of the table centerpieces will look like this. They will be on a square mirror (it looks like a rectangle in the picture). The pomander ball will be in the center. On either side will be one of these candle holder boxes with two votive candles.

The other half of the centerpieces will look like this. Once again, they will be on a square mirror. The pomander ball will be in the center. On one side will be the rectangle candle holder box. It will be filled with sand and then have a rive stone and rake patterns in it. (Like those Japanese zen gardens with the rake). On the other side will be the two votive candles from the candle holder.

Speaking of Zen Gardens, those are actually going to be our favors! We figured it would tie in pretty well with the whole theme, I can buy them in bulk from the dollar store. They are super-cute. End of story. No crafting necessary and they are cheaper than making them myself. I'll probably make wrapping paper out of plain brown wrapping paper (or black, if I can find it.) and then wrap over that in a doily. 

Speaking of doilies, briefly. I finally found a place that has doilies that I like a lot. The only sort-of problem is that I have to buy them in bulk. Like 1,000 of them, "bulk". Yikes. Well. Time to get creative, I guess.

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