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Monday, August 15, 2011


I took my much needed break over the weekend (and it was BUSY), and I'm happy to say that I am back in gear, and ready to talk about some new stuff!

We pretty much got the venue situation taken care of; we're basically going to worry about it when we need to worry about it. We've got plenty of space to use to fit any number of people, whether it be a small amount or a big ass party. No matter what happens, we won't have to turn anybody away, so we won't worry about where we're going to put them. Once we see the venue, send out the invitations and get our RSVP's back, then we'll really have an idea of how many people are going to show up. And not guessing how many people will show up over a year before the actual wedding, but a real, honest to goodness head count.

Whew! Big sigh of relief!

I also found out that MB Bride is having a huge clearance sale. However, it literally ends a couple days from now (Wednesday), and even though I'm shopping for a $99 dress, I don't have the funds right now. Upon looking at their schedule, I see that they are having a second, even bigger sale in February. Right after my birthday! I think I'll talk to Tony about it tomorrow and schedule an appointment so I can get in there and buy my dress. It's silly to buy my dress now, and if I buy my dress in February then I'll still have eight months until the wedding. It's still a long time, but it'll be close enough that it won't seem ridiculous.

I'm really liking these two plans! Jess and Cody came over tonight and I'm so glad they did. I got to chat about wedding plans with Jess and it was really nice to tell her some of the non-traditional things we have planned and have her be excited instead of wondering why we aren't going the traditional route. I'm not particularly worried about other people's opinions, but it makes everything easier when you have people support what you want. Everybody so far has been reasonably supportive and hasn't had too much to say. Surprisingly enough, my dad has been the hardest person to convince, and my mom has been the absolute best. However, I assume that this has a lot to do with the fact that I'm a lot like my mom; and she's never been the type to do what everybody else does for the sole reason of "fitting in". And, my dad, on the other hand, is probably being slightly resistant (but still supportive) because I'm his only child, his baby girl. He wants me to have the best. Once he pulls back and realizes that I am not "settling" for different things, but that I actually want them to be this way, I think he'll relax a little and be just as open about everything as my mom has.

So, those are my updates as of right now, I am going to work on some more tutorial style posts. Remember, I still need to clean up my stash of research goodies.

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