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Monday, August 1, 2011

We Went Shopping!

Joann Fabric's was having a sale (and still is, if any of you readers are interested!), so I did what any desperately fiance-to-be would do. I bought. And not just from the website. Nooo, I purchased from the website AND we went to the physical store.

Purchases from the website include:

  • An acrylic stamp block. (It's actually pretty cool; it has grips around the edge for better holding and it is clear so you can better align your stamps to the paper.)
  • Three ink pads. Two black and one silver. 
  • Pipe cleaners. (Okay, I realize that sounds like a silly purchase, but it's so I can try out my paper/tissue paper flowers before I go and buy a big spool of heavy gauge wire.)
  • Floral tape (So I can cover the pipe cleaners to get the idea of 1) How to do it correctly and 2) How it will look)
  • Three stamps shown below: 

They are "clingy" and they can be swapped out. This is particularly awesome because I only need on "master" stamp (which I purchased; the stamp block), and I can use multiple stamps with that one block. Needless to say, when we went to the actual store, we went a little crazy.

Things purchased at the actual store:

  • 2 yards of tulle so I can practice making my veil before I buy the expensive stuff
  • More stamps!! I don't have any pictures of them, but I'll see about getting some. Or even better yet; testing them out when the rest of my stuff comes in
  • Floral pins for our centerpieces
  • One 6'' foam ball (also to practice the centerpieces). They are WAY more expensive than I think they should be. It's just foam!!
  • One cherry blossom artificial flower. (The long stem) hey, it was 1) On sale from $2.99 down to $.89!! and 2) We already have one, so we may we well have two; maybe we can do something with them after we're done experimenting.
A few reasons why I know Tony is AWESOME

  1. He went to Joann's with me
  2. He actually gave me his debit card tonight knowing that I was prowling Joann's website (again!)
  3. He dug through about 10 small bins looking for clear stamps for me (and didn't even whisper a complaint)
  4. Saw how excited I was about the stamps and told me all about a stamp store that he wanted to take me to.
  5. Is so involved in all of the planning; right down to whether the centerpiece flowers should be light pink with dark pink middles or dark pink with light pink middles. 
  6. When I asked if I should buy a second acrylic pad so he could help me stamp, he responded, "Yeah."--and not in a scared husband kind of way. In a "of course I'm going to help you, babe" kind of way.

    (In my defense as to why I was on their website again after already purchasing stuff from online and at the store, it was so I could snag these. Available online only and they dropped in price since I looked at them last! BUT, I had a snafu, so I e-mailed them and didn't purchase them yet. "Them" being a medium and a small of the same flower pictured here.)

    You can go to Joann's website here.

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